Jelqing: Penis Enlargement’s Most Confused Practice

We receive a huge volume of mail in regards to jelqing, and it’s very apparent here that it is one of the most misunderstood penis enlargement techniques out there. When properly practiced, jelqing is proven to be a safe and effective way to go about penis enhancement. It’s free, easy, and can be done in the privacy of your home.

Yet so many people are writing to us in frustration. Richard from Brattleboro, Vermont sent us this account:

Dear Penis Enlargement Inc.,

I’ve been on a jelqing program for over a month now, and I’m not finding it a good experience. I’ve developed these small red dots beneath the head of my penis, and they seem to be growing. And there’s also been some significant bruising in the shaft. I measure every day and see little growth in terms of penis enlargement, either in width or length. I don’t understand why, I’ve been doing all the exercises twice as frequently as the program suggests and I’ve even increased the weight and amount of time for ‘hangings.’ I feel like I’m going above and beyond, yet I’m getting nowhere. I’m even supplement my routine with penis pills. What should I do ?

Richard, going above and beyond is precisely your problem! Do not go above. Do not go beyond. If anything go below and not far enough. Over-exertion not only causes injury, it is actually counterproductive to your goal of penis enlargement. The little red dots are called Petechiae, and though they are common for anyone working on girth, the fact that they are getting bigger is an unmistakable sign that you are overdoing it with your routine. Cut down to shorter sessions – somebody a month into the program needs to take it slow. Remember, you are building up a foundation of muscle and tissue that later on will be able to support a more vigorous routine. So don’t rush it!

As for the bruising, it’s the direct result of your overly ambitious hanging. You need to be especially careful here, or you can do serious damage. Start with a very light weight and increase it in very small increments, no more than once every two weeks to start. Longer session will not result in faster penis enhancement! You simply have to be patient, and you must have discipline. You need to take it especially slowly if you are also taking penis pills.

Lastly, there’s no point in measuring every day. In fact, by doing that you fail to see the forest for the trees and you’ll only become discouraged. Spread out your measurements, record penis enlargement once every one or two weeks them. That way you can see the results of jelqing as the gradual, long term process towards penis enhancement that it is.

Read more about Jelqing here.


The Success of the Vimax Penis Patch

Hi guys,

Lately a whole new deal in penis enlargement has been going down.  The penis patch, and particularly the one formulated by expert FDA approved brand Vimax, has begun to take off to an extraordinary level.  While penis enlargement pills have long been a big seller, and acheived a very public level of success, the patch is a new kid in town.  So what’s the big deal?

I looked into Vimax, maker of the most popular penis pill in the world (unless you want to count Viagra) to learn what I didn’t already know about the penis patch.

What are the claims?

  • Add up to 3-4 inches in length and 25% in girth
  • Substantially increase sexual desire
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Increased semen load
  • Stronger, more intense sensation and orgasm

So, what’s different between the penis patch and pill?

Not much.  And that might just be the most inviting part about the patch.  The two things are not meant to be taken in tandem.  It’s one or the other, depending on what method of intake, oral or dermal, that you find most convenient.  The Vimax patch has been thoroughly tested to produce the exact same results as the pills, and I can attest personally on that front, that Vimax pills work extremely well, better than any pill I’ve taken.

Isn’t it embarassing to wear?

The thing about wearing the patch is that people might see it and wonder what it is.  The penis patch, is not labeled though, and looks just like a nicotine patch.  Strangers who happen to see it will simply think you’re quitting.

Unlike the smoker’s patch though the Vimax patch doesn’t agravate the skin so it can be worn continuously on the same section of well concealed skin.  Many people have even successfully concealed it from their partners by placing it on the small of their back or near the under arm.  If you ask me though, being up front with your partner about penis enlargement off the start is key, because the results will soon enough become apparent, and explaining afterward is far harder.  I suggest to all men to share their plan to enlarge with their partner immediately.  Many women are excited by the prospect of deeper penetration, charmed by your desire to pleasure her more, and intrigued by the possiblities of modern science to make you a more voracious lover.

So Does the patch live up to the claims?

I’ve come out of my inquiry with a resounding yes.  I took it for a one month trial period, and while growth was minimal (but present) in such a short time period (this universally takes at least 2 months to show real gains) my sexual appetite and ability to control my orgasms, and keep a stiff erection longer went immediately up and up.

Based on the poll that recently went up on the Mayoclinic site, it seems most every man who’s tried it has had the same success.  92% of men who wore the patch in combination with penis exercises surpassed their goals for size gains within 6 months.

The Vimax Penis Patch Rating

Overall Rating

  • 9.25Quality
  • 9.50Results
  • 9.25Components
  • 9.75Speed
  • 9.50Support
  • 9.75Pricing
  • 10Shipping
  • 9.25User Satisfaction

First Successful Penis Transplant: Rejected!

Hi,  just posting this for sheer interest sake.  This is a story from the daily news in China of an accident victim who received a transplanted penis, then rejected it and asked for it to be removed…

could it really be that bad?

Read it here.


Question of the Day

What are Kegels?  How do I do them?  What will they do for me?

Kegel exercises (named for the late, great Dr. Arnold Kegel) are flexes you do with your PC muscle  (Pubococcygeus for you Latin lovers out there).

The exercise has a history that goes way, way back…all the way to early Taoist culture in China.  Taoist men would practice kegels to improve spiritual life–through improvement of physical life. (Think of the Tantric movement, and the idea that better sex leads to a better spirit…but this is a different culture all together.

They saw that doing Kegels would:

  • Promote better health
  • encourage spiritual development
  • lead to better sex and longevity

So what are Kegels, and how do you do them?

To locate the PC muscle just hold your bladder.  The same muscle we use to hold in pee is the one to use to control semen flow.  By clenching and unclenching this muscle (I recommend roughly 100 times per day, leaving yourself rest days) you can significantly strengthen it, and acheive orgasm control like you never dreamed possible before.

How do you think the guys in the pornos do it?

Doing Kegels will help you:

  • Maintain erection and ejaculation control
  • increase your blood flow to your penis
  • keep you prostate healthy into old age
  • prevent incontinence

Here’s a quote from the Size Genetics blog to bring it home:

“The main benefit men get out of exercising their PC muscle is the vastly increased control over ejaculation. A well-toned PC muscle can stop the flow of urine, but it can also stop the flow of semen. Therefore, exercises help men gain control over the ejaculation, especially to those who suffer from premature ejaculation.”

And What herbs can you take that will work in combination wtih Kegels for a healthier sex organ?  Here’s what Dr. Mitchell McNiff, M.D. Had to say:

“Healing herbs to counteract the stress of overusing the PC muscles include notable herbs like evening primrose, damiana, saw palmetto, cistanche, and nettle.

Nettle and saw palmetto regulate DHT conversion and reduces the build up of this potentially toxic ingredient. Damiana and cistanche are for prostate gland health and evening primrose reinforces the PNS to delay orgasm. If the prostate gland enlarges, try taking wild yam or cornus. These healing herbs can combat the damage you might have done to yourself because of abuse to your PC muscles.”

Read more about kegels on the main site here.


This is Inside of You

Often I find myself wishing I had a good diagram of the penis to refer to when talking about things like corpus cavemosum and such…so when I found this one today I decided to post it up.  It’s a good reference for all of us, because this stuff tends to come up a lot.


Also, it came from a great site I just discovered called PenisHints that you might want to check out.  Besides PEinc it’s one of the few sites that discusses a variety of products and methods but doesn’t sell them.


What Penis Enlargement Blog is Best?


Hi Guys, today I’ve been reading around on a lot of penis enlargement blogs looking for what’s being discussed these days.  I got to say, there’s not much at the quality level of our blog here….but hey of course I’m biased.

It does raise an interesting question for you the readers though.  What other blogs do you/have you read and what are the best?  What would you like to see here that you don’t?

I thought I would post some links here too, to some of the useful info I found out there.

Here’s a personal experience of penis enlargement.

Here’s a blog put out by Mattersofsize who put out the Vimax extender.

Here’s a discussion of erectile dysfunction which would be a good companion read to my last post on the subject.

And here, for a rare treat, is a video link put out by the good folks at Fastsize.

Enjoy! And let me know what you’re reading!


Keeping It Up: Resolutions Part 2


You know smoking leads to impotence.  But have you thought about how it affects your PE regime?  Part two of my 2009 work-for-results series is about keeping your noodle uncooked.

As I’ve said many times the most important effect of the penis pill or patch is how it increases blood flow to the penis, allowing for stiffer erections, encouraging cell growth, and causing more powerful orgasms.  The penis patch and pill formulas are in fact designed as much to make you grow as to give you a harder, sturdier erection and make you enjoy sex more.

What you may not know, or choose ignore is that they work dramatically better with a good diet, and by avoiding heavy smoking, drinking or drugs.

Smoking accelerates arterial narrowing (which is why smokers are at a high risk of heart disease).  It also means that the progress in opening up those arteries and pumping good, oxygenated blood into your penis (and elsewhere) made by the penis pill is seriously reduced by your cancer sticks.

Smoking and drinking also lead to anxiety, which is the other major cause of erectile dysfunction. 

  • When men feel anxious, the muscle tissue contracts, which to some extent constricts the pudendal arteries, limiting blood flow into the penis. But as men relax, this tissue also relaxes, allowing increased inflow. In addition, anxiety triggers the “fight or flight” reaction. This reflex sends excess blood away from the central body, including the penis, and out toward the limbs for escape or self-defense.

The penis patch relaxes the muscles, allowing them to perform their necessary functions on command of the nerves.  By upping your anxiety you reduce the effectiveness of the penis pill or patch and you reduce your body’s ability to overcome your erectile dysfunction.

Here are a few links where you can read more about erectile dysfuntion:…unction/DS00162

Here are a few common ingredients of a good penis pill like Vimax or Maxirex:

  • Super B complex.
  • Zinc
  • L-Arginine capsule.
  • L-Lysine

  • (As well as) Multi Vitamins & Minerals.

Getting to know how each of these ingredients helps your supplement do it’s job will help you to further understand the negative effects of smoking, drinking and poor diet on your penis enhancement.

A Few Extra Quick Tips To Looking Bigger, Feeling Better

  • Lose the beer belly. When you have a big gut, lower abdominal fat tissue surrounds the base of your penis and encroaches on it, making your penis look smaller.
  • Exercise. Working out helps control weight, which minimize a big gut. It also contributes to arterial health, so more blood flows in.
  • Trim your hair. Your pubic hair, that is. When less of the penis is obscured by hair, it looks a little larger

New Year’s Resolutions…Gentlemen?

2009 is the year of the Ox.

What’s that mean for us guys working on penis enhancement this year?  The year of the ox is traditionally associated with…that’s right gentlemen…work.

In the week leading up to the new year I interacted personally with each of the men who regularly post on my forum about their penis enhancement resolutions for the year.  Did they have one?  What were they hoping to acheive?

As you’d expect the goals were as diverse as the names of the men.  But what did more men express wanting than anything else, almost universally?  Well penis growth of course.  More specifically length.  No matter what penis enhancement methods guys were engaged in, be it penis pills, the penis patch, penis exercise, the main objective conrtinues to be a longer reach…and while this came as no surprise to me, I found that with a little pressing there was a lot more to the wishes, and goals of these men for the coming year.

I found that on a more basic level what most men desired was a more confident relationship to sex.  We want to feel better about what we have to offer, and we want to enjoy sex more.  So, while it’s easy to equate a bigger penis with hotter sex and a happier partner the long slong is not in itself what we really want…is it guys?

What I found at the root of most men’s new year’s resolution was a desire to have a healthier sex life.  How did they hope to acheive it?  Universally the answer was clear to anyone who had been practicing a penis enhancement method for any length of time:  Be more dedicated to your penis enhancement; now that’s a resolution. This was in fact what was at the core of every resolution.  While exactly how big everyone wanted to get, and how long they hoped to last in sex, how much harder they hoped to get…every man I talked to made a vow to be more dedicated to the penis enhancement approach they were already practicing.  They had seen results, and made the equation between how hard they worked at it and how good the results were.

And this brings me to the point I raised at the beginning (what a segway huh?).  The point is work.  What you get out of penis enhancement is directly related to how much work you put into it.

The stretching devices, the penis pills, and patches are all designed to supplement you body’s natural growth and strengthening from working the muscles, working the blood, working the cells.

My Advice for the New Year

Work.  Don’t focus on getting longer only.  Diversify. Don’t rely on one method but practice a couple at once.  Each strengthens the effects of the next. Think of what you’re doing as improving your overall sexual health.  Take an active approach.  The day you stagnate, and stop the exercises in favor of just sticking on the stretcher or slapping on the patch is the day you lose your momentum.

In the year of the Ox the goal for every man should be better sex.  I recommend kegels everyday.  Kegels are far and away the best exercise for controlling semen flow and acheiving orgasm control and stronger orgasms.  And this is where the key to better sex lies. You have to have a good size gun to fill the holster but once inside you have to know it won’t misfire…and when it does fire it better blow her away.

This year as your resolution set a specific goal for your size gain, and a date to hit it by.  But don’t stop there.  Your penis enhancement goal in the year of the ox should be a healthier penis.  Harder, bigger and full of fire…and you’ll be a real work horse…I mean Ox.


Food For Thought

Hi everyone,

I’ve only got a moment today but someone posted this on a forum I participate in today in a discussion about new year’s resolutions for 2009 and I wanted to share it.

“For me it’s not about getting big; it’s about no longer being small”.

It was in a discussion about how big people are hoping to get, and how big you should expect to get.  I thought it was a pretty important point.


The Almighty Three Tiered Approach to Penis Enhancement

Here it is gentlemen. The world of penis enhancement according to me. My credo, and for those of you who are familiar with my writings this will be no surprise, has been since the beginning: The three tiered approach is the be all and end all to achieving penis growth. Put all your eggs in one basket and you may grow, but diversify and you’ll not only see penis growth but better penis health, better sex, faster growth and better, more controlled orgasms.

What is the three tiered approach to penis enhancement?

  • A daily penis patch or pill
  • A regular penis exercise regime including jelquing and stretching
  • A stretching device

I talk to, and advise tons of men who are engaged in penis enhancement on a regular basis. What I find myself repeating more than anything to newbies and veterans alike is things like, “what you’re only wearing the penis patch…no exercises…no stretcher?”

The approach people take more often than not is to start with a single method and wait and wait to see the results they’re looking for. For most men what they’re looking for is quick growth. I have two problems with this.

Problem 1

If you’re only looking for quick penis growth you are overlooking the number one factor in improving your sex life and sexual confidence: better orgasms. You may get bigger, but until you can control your sperm, and tell the little fellas who’s boss, you won’t be able to pleasure your partner the way you want to. And until you’ve experienced a harder erection, and a stronger, more intense semen flow and erection you surely can’t know how good sex can get. This is why I advocate focusing on overall penis health rather than just getting big.

Problem 2

Just popping a pill and hoping to see major gains right away is the lazy man’s approach, and won’t get you where you want to be. This is one of the myths that companies selling the pill or patch love to nurture. Though these products are in fact central to any good penis enhancement program they work best in combination with—guess what…hard work and exercise!

No single method can match the gains of a combined approach. The benefits of each are multiplied by the inclusion of the next.

Consider the major, and unique benefits of a good pill formula:

  • cell growth
  • increased oxygen to the penis, increased blood flow
  • healthier semen
  • higher sex drive
  • orgasm control

Much of this you simply can’t achieve without the active herbs and supplements present in the pill or patch. If you’re only stretching you’re missing most of the action on the internal level. On the flipside however, if you’re only wearing a patch, taking in these vital supplements, but not stretching you’re doing the equivalent of eating a weightlifter’s diet without actually weightlifting!

What the diet does is provide the physical scenario for the exercise to have maximum effect. Take in the herbal formula and put it to work by jelquing, stretching and doing kegels. The combination is killer. What does it kill? Small penis syndrome. What does it achieve: penis growth and overall sexual health. Now that’s penis enhancement done right.

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